Saturday, January 1, 2011

Liverpool meeting imminent to discuss Hodgson severance

Roy HodgsonArticle from said that " Liverpool Football Club's senior executives will sit down over the weekend to discuss Roy Hodgson's severance".
The club's owners have been in the hunt for a new manager ever since taking over so pay little attention to the media who claim that their assignment started following the Wolves game.
But they must now decide whether or not to axe the manager now and see out the season without a permanent replacement until the summer.
If Hodgson was to resign he would lose his right to compensation. If he's fired then the club will have to pay his contract up.
Christian Purslow, one of those responsible for appointing Hodgson, has now conceded to the owners that his appointment was the wrong one.
A source said: "Christian has put his hands up and admitted that he made an error.
"He has still defended the appointment by saying that he saw the role as a short term one until the club was sold and that he expected the owners to appoint their own man.
"He will tell you that there were no viable candidates available at the time to replace Benitez.


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