Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Scousefield Park" Liverpool & Everton's New Stadium Named ?

Executives from Liverpool FC and Everton FC announced this morning that their new shared 85,000 seat "Super" stadium is to be called Scousefield Park.

image for Liverpool & Everton's New Stadium Named "Scousefield Park""There were many suggestions", explained Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright. "But in the end we decided to mix some of the 'old' with something else quite 'new'

"So we've retained the 'Field' part of Anfield and the 'Park' of Goodison Park and combined them with our local word Scouse. Just to let visiting teams know they enter the ground at their peril", he declared.

Scousefield Park

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish declared himself delighted with both the name and the plan to share the stadium. "So long as they didn't call the place 'Knotty Ash' I was in favour", he quipped.

Then the conference turned to critical financial issues of the joint venture.

Both clubs will retain separate players, managers and coaching staff.

However 'backstage' everything will be merged. Financial and merchandise teams, catering. All back-up support staff. Everyone from top to bottom.

"This is all in line with the Coalition Government's plans at a National level", explained Kenwright.

"Probably as many as 100 full time jobs will go under the new system. But it'll work just as well as before. Far better, we expect".

Building at a site in Stanley Park will begin this summer.



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