Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Liverpool and AC Milan battle over Standard's Milan Jovanovic

The Sun report that The Reds and Rossoneri are locking horns for the capture of Serbian international Milan Jovanovic from Belgian side Standard Liege. Jovanovic is one of the leading stars in Belgium and can play both as a striker and as a left attacking midfielder - which is very rare in modern football.A source from Standard allegedly said: "It looks like it's 50-50 between Liverpool and AC Milan for Jovanovic.There are many other clubs but those two are ahead of the rest.It seems he will make a decision very soon."Milan Jovanovic's contract expires this summer, and it looks like Standard are willing receive some cash for the player. According to the reports, the price tag for the twenty-eight year old attacker is in the region of 3 million pounds, which is quite a bargain for both AC Milan and Liverpool.

Milan Jovanovic Videos

from  the sun


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