Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liverpool FC Skills Pack 2008/09 Season So Far

A collection of every skill pack which is made of Liverpool this season, almost every pack is requested by goodays94. So credit to him fro pointing out the actions.

The pack includes almost every skill (s) of Liverpool this season (some skills of others, but not many.)
All the skills is in high quality and provided by cappers. Credit to them for providing me and many other matches.
I had a folder on my PC with every skill (because I'm a compmaker, good to have) then I got a request by Sir ali, about a huge skills pack so I did it.
I hope you will enjoy the pack, and hopefully credit me for creating this huge pack, and cutting the skills packs from around 10 matches.

The peoples who have made the skills packs are:
T9 (me)
Sir ali/Party To The Daylight
Velizar Dimitrov

Part 1 - Mediafire
Part 2 - Mediafire
Part 3 - Mediafire
Part 4 - Mediafire
Part 5 - Mediafire
Part 6 - Mediafire
Part 7 - Mediafire
Part 8 - Mediafire
Part 9 - Mediafire
Part 10 - Mediafire

by T9


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