Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Jimmy Rice and Tom Winstanley 27 May 2008
Liverpoolfc.tv today continues telling the story of 2007-08 in pictures. A dramatic February brought a shock exit from the FA Cup followed by redemption against the champions of Italy.

Season In Pictures

Rob Styles says hello to Anfield for the first time since his Chelsea 'mare

Hello Rob. Crouchie is among the scorers as Roy Keane's Sunderland are dispatched 3-0

Liverpool come up against a familiar face when they travel to Stamford Bridge

Crouchie misses three gilt-edged chances in the first half...

...but Martin Skrtel excels as the Reds complete a shut-out to earn a credible draw

Howard's way: Barnsley skipper Brian Howard points to the Gods after his shock Kop end winner

Pepe can't look

Ryan and 45,000 others are stunned

The smiles soon return, however

Dirk's opener and this late Stevie G hit sends Liverpool to the San Siro with a handsome lead...

The Anfield scoreboard makes pleasant reading

No sweat

Agger has boots specially made for a reserve clash with United but his comeback is premature

'Boro take the lead at Anfield...and it wasn't offside, Pepe

Fear not...El Nino keeps the red flag flying high with a hat-trick right from the top drawer

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