Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rafa 's tear


The signs of a man on the verge of an emotional collapse are relatively easy to spot - beard growth, an earring, weeping in the car. And this season, Rafa Benitez is showing all the signs of a gentleman on his way to a pirate’s hoop, as he has now ticked two of the three boxes.

With rumours abound that if he doesn’t do it again in Europe, he’s going to be slung on the streets like an unwanted Christmas kitten, the strain has clearly taken it’s toll on the man from Spain, as he was spotted either a. sobbing, or b. casually rubbing his eye, on his way from the Liverpool training ground yesterday.

Might this be one Christmas kitten readying for the cold/blustery February nights? So to speak…

from thespoiler.co.uk


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